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Our roofing service is delivered by professionally trained, certified tradesman who are proud to be known as the go-to roof repair contractors in the area. Roofing repair jobs are springing up every day as there are so many roofs in Cambridge.

The amount of jobs we’ve completed is unprecedented. Roof repairs are a fact of having a home, they will occur regularly and it’s best to settle for repair over replacement.

Your roof is not only required for the safety of your home, but also for the aesthetics. A dodgy looking roof will spoil how your home looks. How your roof looks is going to affect the value of your property. Eventually, your roof will become aged and unsavoury, so regular maintenance and repairs are important. But sure, safety comes first.

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Roofing repairs in Cambridge

Your roof is constantly getting barraged by the elements. Before long you’re going to have some kind of issue. Whether it’s a stray tile, a leak or something more serious. Tiles are going to start to crack and fade, gutters are going to become blocked and fail and so on.

Make sure to be looking out for the signs of disrepair and damage so you can catch out issues before they become a massive problem. If you are past that point, give us a call. We can help with anything from tile repair and replacement through to lead work and moss removal.

Staying on top of your roofing needs is going to mean keeping the furniture and household items safe and dry. Estimate roof repair can be carried out on the day you need us, mostly. Of course, there are exceptions when our whole team is busy, but we do our best. This is especially in the instance where your roof is on its last legs and further damage could occur.

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    Let’s talk more about our roof repair services…
    Do you offer flat roof repair?
    Yes! The most common issue we face with flat roof repairs is leaking felt. However, this can sometimes turn into a replacement job rather than a repair job if the damage is too significant. The felt might start to rot and deteriorate too much. Our team are flat roofing professionals and will check out the entire roof including the seams, flashings and attachment points. Our site visit includes checking for damages, punctures, ageing, leaks or any other problems we might find. Following that is a quote for repair or replacement if necessary. 
    Can you repair a metal roof?
    Absolutely! We work for both the domestic and commercial sector. Many commercial buildings have metal and corrugated roofs. The metal normally comes in the form of aluminium, copper, zinc and steel. The benefits of metal roofs are that they are lightweight, strong and resistant to catching fire. So yes, we repair metal roofs too and replace if necessary. 
    Do you repair slate roofs?
    Yes! We repair slate roofs, it’s one of our most common types of roof problems to fix. Watch out who you hire. Many roofing ‘experts’ don’t actually understand how to work with slate roofs and shingles. The main benefit to sticking with shingles is how good they look on your home. If poorly repaired and replaced, your shingles won’t survive as they should and you will be looking at more repairs before you know it. Shingles are great but make sure to get them repaired or replaced the right way the first time.
    Do you repair guttering?
    Yes! Your guttering is an essential component of your roof so you need to make sure it stays in tip top shape. You’ll need to hire a professional gutter repair service like ours if you have any issues. We are more than happy to help with that. You can expect a fast, affordable service when you call us. This goes for fixing roofing fascia too. This is equally important to the survival of your roof and can deteriorate over time quite easily. Trees, branches and leaves can often be the culprits which lead to this damage. Call us for any fascia repair too! 
    Do you repair PVC roofing systems?
    Yes! PVC roofs are great because they are durable and work well in all climates and housing styles. So we had to become pros with this kind of roof too. They are in style and a necessary part of any roofers’ arsenal of skills. However, PVC roofs have their own inherent problems too. In colder climates, aged PVC roofs can shatter and get holes in them. Also, PVC can shrink, become raggedy in the corners and sometimes leak like most roofs. Generally PVC roofs can be hard to repair, but not for us!

    Related Services

    Chimney Repairs

    Your chimney is another essential part of your roofing system. Ignore how it relates to the rest of your roof at your own detriment. Our team can help you with chimney cap installations, chimney cleaning & maintenance, waterproofing and other chimney services. If you have damage you can see, it could be worth repairing your chimney if just not for the aesthetic factor.

    Flat Roofing

    Flat roofs are a great, versatile kind of roof. The only down side is that water can collect on the top due to their inherent horizontal shape. A normal roof is designed so that rainwater slides off it and into your guttering system a flat roof can’t do this so you need to be aware of what’s happening during stormy season and when it’s raining. If you need repairs… Call us!

    Slate Roofing

    Tiled roofs are strong, waterproof and look great as you can go for a wide variety of looks and styles. Tile materials include things like plastic, concrete, slate or terracotta. For those of you with tiled roofs we can offer you restoration, repairs, cleaning and maintenance. The cost of a tiled roof repair differs depending on the amount of tiles that need TLC. More tiles = more cost. 

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