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In an ideal world you will be getting your roof checked every 6-12 months at least. This doesn’t include you just generally checking your guttering, fascias etc. to make sure they aren’t clogged or blocked. We know this is a pain to do, but it will definitely save you money in the long run! 

Here are some tell tale sings you need your roof might be in disrepair. At the very least, you should get roofing professionals like The Cambridge Roofers to come and inspect your roof. Hopefully you’ll only need repairs, but it could be time to get a new roof installed.

– Sagging roof deck. This means your roof has suffered water damage and needs to be seen really urgently. 

– Water/moisture etc. appearing on your walls and ceilings. Can you see signs of water damage on your walls or ceilings? This could be any sort of discolouration, dark spots or trails. Again, this is an urgent problem that needs sorting quickly.

Re-roofing in Cambridge

– Tile problems. Are your tiles damaged or have they even been disfigured by the elements? Luckily Cambridge and Cambridgeshire don’t suffer too badly from sever weather so you shouldn’t experience this too much. Sometimes you might just have a dodgy tile or two… Or it could mean your tiles are reaching the end of their age and a re-roof is your best option.

– Light seeping through your roof. If light is able to seep into your attic or any room in your home, it won’t be long before water is following… 

– Another common indicator is pieces of single breaking into the gutter, essentially warning you that the tiles are slowly fading.

– Also look out for wear and tear on the penetrations of your roof, like the vents and chimneys.

For any re-roofing needs, you can call us to provide a site survey and free quotation. We’ll help you go over the best options.  

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Let’s talk more about the cost of your brand new roof installation.
How much does it cost to re-roof a house?

Let’s look at the factors which most influence the cost of a brand new roof. The most expensive part of your roof is going to be the materials opted for. The most common type of materials used are slate shingles, asphalt sheets, wood shingles and laminate tiles. Laminate and slate are very similar. The lowest choice you can go for is asphalt. Slate, as we mention in our slate page, are usually the most expensive. As ever, your cost is largely dictated by WHAT you want. And what you want is highly determined by what forms it… The materials! Pretty much all trade businesses’ biggest overhead and expense incurred to the customer is the materials purchased to then carry out on your project.

What’s more expensive than slate is metal and corrugated roofing. The material is even more expensive, making for a more expensive final price. Another main factor is the kind of roof you are getting. Is your roof sloped? Is it low pitch? Is it high pitch? These are all going to affect the price.

Another thing to consider is conservation areas. Many areas in Cambridge are within conservation areas. This means applying to the council for permission to carry out works. The cost to apply for planning can vary, but it’s always in the hundreds… And sometimes you aren’t granted permission! The price will depend on where you are based, the amount of work being undertaken and other factors like the age/size of your house.

Size is always going to play a major factor. As you will notice on the website, we tend to calculate the cost of anything by your roof’s square footage.

Another factor is the features on your roof. Do you have a chimney, or a skylight? This could require more hours to get the job done correctly.

Here’s a breakdown of some flat re-roofing costs per square metre.

– Felt re-roof (material = bitumen): generally about £50 per square metre to install.

Single ply re-roof: generally about £80 per square metre to install.

– Fibreglass with lead work: generally about £90 square metre to install.

– Metal flat roofs: generally starting at £50 per square metre for lead work without installation. Metals like Zinc are more like £100 per square metre plus labour time to install.

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