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Gutter repairs are something that many homeowners don’t take seriously. It seems like an insignificant part of your roof but it’s really important. The reason? It saves you from really expensive repairs and replacements in the future. We’re roofers in Cambridge that care about roofs like we care about people. We want the best for you!

Gutters are responsible for draining water away from your roof so that the water doesn’t infiltrate your house. Places like your attic are then protected. Leaky gutters will cause big problems for you if you don’t stay on top of it.

Make sure to examine your guttering system on a weekly basis even if just in passing to make sure everything is flowing correctly. Don’t let water collect on the ground near your home by not having fully functioning gutters. The water then gets into the ground around the foundations of your home and this is where some massive issues can occur. 

Some people try DIV gutter installation. While you can do this, you could get it wrong, incur more costs, hurt yourself, and ultimately, you’re using your time. We would advise getting in touch with a local, recommended firm instead! 

Gutter repair in Cambridge

We are skilled in offering affordable ways to get your gutters fixed and back in working order. Our service cis prompt and can get out to you quickly. 

If you need guttering maintenance, we can help. Preventative solutions are a good way of stopping any issues from ever occurring. You can feel free to call us to find out how best to stop your gutters ever facing serious issues. Most importantly, avoid blockages, which leads to water corrosion and other problems. The best thing you can start doing is cleaning your gutter. This might mean getting up the ladder, but it’s well worth doing! 

Simply give us a call for the following services:

– Gutter repair.

– Gutter replacement.

– Gutter maintenance

And our team would love to be of service! 


Guttering Repairs

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Let’s talk more about our gutter repair service…
How much does it cost to repair gutters?
We will be working with estimates here as prices vary. Things like materials (plastic or cast ion), labour and VAT affect prices. Here’s a rough estimate for our gutter placement service:

Replacing cast iron gutter with necessary parts: Approximately £65-£70 per metre. 

Replacing PVC gutters with necessary parts: Approximately £30-£35 per metre. 

How much does it cost to repair gutters?
Here’s our rough gutter repair costs:

Repairing cast iron guttering with necessary parts: Approximately £55 per metre.

Repairing PVC guttering with necessary parts: Approximately £30 per metre.

Estimation of gutter repair cost
As mentioned, this is absolutely an estimation. It’s hard to define exactly how much your guttering is going to cost depending on the kind of guttering you want and the works required. Hopefully the estimations give you a rough figure to work with. 
What about gutter cleaning?
Gutter cleaning is much more of a maintenance service so it costs less than repair or installation. You might want to combine repair and cleaning as sometimes repairing isn’t enough. You have a small leak but the gutter is CLOGGED. In this case, we can clean the rest of your system too. The cost won’t be much more but it will be totally worth it. 
How do you repair a sagging gutter?
You CAN repair a sagging gutter but not always. It depends how much damage has been inflicted and if it’s acutally worth repairing or if you should just go for replacement. Often it can be a tossup and we leave you to decide what you think is best depending on your budget. Repairing it might make your system last half a year longer, but just getting it replaced there and then from a local roofing company might be your best bet.

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