We had a young chap working for us over the Winter period for a few weeks and wanted him to write about his experience. So, let me introduce Jack, a fine maker of tea, coffee and roll up cigarettes! Just kidding, Jack was punctual, useful and forward thinking. He helped us roofers in Cambridge and we are very grateful! He learnt what it’s like to work as a roofer, what the day to day entails and got a paid understanding of how the industry works. Take it away Jack!

Entering Jack. 

Thanks. Yes. I was back from University and needed some work. The Cambridge Roofers had done some work at my parents’ house and I asked if they needed an extra pair of hands. I need more money for university (drinking) and they did need more hands on deck. Great.

So I started the next week. Work had finished at my parents’ house. Onto the next projects.

The first day started at 6:30am. I was picked up by the guys in the van. This is early for a uni student who perpetually misses his 9am lectures. But I was there, even if not yet awake.

We get to the site. The team had already done some of the preliminary work. The old tiles had been teared off and there was scaffolding to access the roof.

The first task was to get wooden panels across the top of the roof to facilitate insulation and eventually the slate tiles. 

I assisted with measuring and cutting the wooden slabs to measure. I was surprised I could do it right! My time in technology finally came in handy…

So other than that, I would be up and down the ladder a lot, fetching tools and various other materials for the guys.

And yes, there was the odd cup of tea made too ha!

So after putting down the wood, we had to lay the rest of the tiles. The guys mostly did this, while I was up and down the ladder as usual. I was happy to do it as it meant exercise and kept the day moving along. You have to concentrate while going up and down the ladder! So yes, the guys kept working on the tiles, occasionally using me to help them cut them to shape. They installed them all, spending a lot of the time on the crux of the roof.

During my time, we visited other projects, perhaps to finish them off, or drop off waste from the jobs we were completing etc. 

I saw the other project through to completion, which was nice. To see it virtually from nothing, to totally completed. The roof looked great and I was happy to be a part of it. Although I mostly completed manual parts of the roof installation, it still taught me a lot about roofing and it was a great experience.

Best of all, I got paid for my roofing work at the end of the tenure! 

The mornings were cold, but the days weren’t too long, and I had a good time with the guys. So I will be doing it again! Maybe I’ll be doing it in Summer this time though… And less scratch cards.

Back with Mark

Thanks Jack.

Yes, that project was a success. It was a brand new roof installation in Soham. The other project was in the heart of Cambridge. Both completed to a high level and Jack did a great job assisting! 

If anybody else wants to experience life as a roofer, get in touch with us and we would happily give you work experience to see if you want to be involved in this trade in the future!

Thanks for reading and as ever, should you want any roof repairs or roofing services, just give us a ring! 

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