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We provide a cost-effective flat roofing replacement, repair and installation service as Cambridge Roofers. All work is performed by skilled tradesman.

Naturally, As you know, your roof  is a very important part of any structure. As a result, it is important to ensure that repair, installation or replacement is carried out by the correct team. Some think flat roofing is a tricky concept but when you know what you’re doing, it’s actually very simple.

Ask these questions before deciding if you need flat roof repair or replacement: 

What are the best materials for a flat roof and where can you actually get the right answer? Speak to a team like ours who are active in the industry every single day.

Do you need a full replacement or just a re-cover to get it working again?

What are the potential implications of flat roof replacement?

Do I actually want a metal flat roof replacement instead or the material I had before?

Do I want to do my flat roof myself using a DIY guide? You can easily find DIY flat roofing guides online which will instruct you on how to do it… This is fair enough if you want a go at it yourself!

Should you need garage flat roof replacements, we can service any kind of garage, summer house or side building you need help with! Just let us know.

Flat roof repair in Cambridge

… These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when determining the best flat roofing service to opt for. A question we get repeatedly asked is: how much does it cost to repair a flat roof? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to answer this question accurately like “it costs X amount!”

There are many factors at play. That’s why we like to meet you and walk you through the costs and implications you are facing. We can go over the benefits off hiring us, the savings we can make you and the different options available to you.

Thankfully, specialise in various forms of flat roofing. This includes stripping and replacement of your felt and underlying timber, joint replacement and flat roof waterproofing. Basically everything you need. Most importantly, we work with some of the best flat roof material you can get in the industry so you aren’t calling us again in a few weeks.

Here are some more flat roof services we offer:

– New flat roof installation with or without insulation.
– Installing new canopies.
– Replacement and maintenance for garden shades.
– EPDM flat roofing.
– As you need, a wide array of commercial and industrial flat roof options and flat roof alternatives.

So for any of your needs, give us a call, we’re sure we can help out.

Fortunately, someone will be on the other end of the line ready to give you a suitable time for quotation as well as any advice that is worth giving now. 


Flat Roofing Done Right

Come to us for value for money and a range of options and solutions.

You can make the final decision, we’ll just give you the best options available.

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    Let’s talk more about our flat roof services…
    Why should you choose us for flat roof replacement?
    There are loads of companies you could choose out there. We get it. The difference with our service is that we give great value for money. We are certain our flat roof solutions will last years and years. Hopefully into the decades, but obviously a lot of factors are at play here.
    A trained team
    We invest back into our company. This means in our roofing tools and equipment, training and materials. The team is trained to the highest level and they come to any job with the highest quality felt and materials for your budget. As a result, we are confident of providing the best flat roofing service in the area.
    Do you offer roofing insurance cover?
    Yes, we like to take as many safety measures as possible for your peace of mind. Occasionally, accidents can happen but we like to be prepared. You will not bear any liability in the event of any accident occurring in or around your property. Our cover policies are comprehensive so you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong. 
    Why else?
    We provide an honest and value for money service. We never come at you with hidden costs and additional services out of the blue. It’s more important to us to keep building our reputation as opposed to trying to rip someone off for a few extra quid. That would be worth a whole lot less to us than simple doing the right thing for you!

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