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Hey, have a roofing problem? Give us a or an email and we’d love to give you some advice and if needed, a quote after seeing what needs doing. 

Your Roofing Service in Ely


We provide every kind of roofing service you would need in Ely. Keep reading for a full list. Our service operates throughout the entirety of Cambridgeshire, so Ely is certainly one of our main areas that we operate in. We love having projects there.

The people are friendly, the town is vibrant and there’s plenty to do. It’s also one of the nicest places to be during the Summer. The city comes alive and we love it!!

Let’s look at some of our services:

Roof Replacements

If you require a brand new roof of any form of material, we can assist you. After completing literally hundreds of re-roofing projects throughout our time, we can get this sorted for you safely and professionally. First get in contact to discuss your requirements, budget and expectation. Then we can visit you to see what’s the best solution for you. Whether it’s slate, commercial, metal, a garage roof… anything! We can get new roofs done affordable and professionally.

  Roof Repairs

Our roof repair service is all encompassing, meaning we can repair every kind of roof out there quickly and affordably. Whether you have a small roof leak, storm damage or anything more dramatic, we can get out to help you. This includes emergency roof repair where no time can be spared.


Gutters are essential in driving rain-water out of and away from your home. The elements are what your roof are protecting you from and your guttering system is no different. Whether you need gutter installation, gutter leak repair or just gutter repair in general – we have provided these services hundreds of times. Let’s take a look at your best options depending on your requirements and budget.

And more! Check out the rest of our site to see our whole list of services. We can do anything from garage roofs, industrial and commercial roofs, chimney services and more! Certainly, roof replacements, roof repairs and guttering services are out most used services in Ely. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

All About Ely

Ely is renown for being one of the smaller cities (third smallest) in England as it reached official status in 1974 as we have Ely Cathedral… Which is amazing!

Ely is one of those nice innocent, fairly wealthy, southern cities that has a nice local feel to it. It has everything from the hustle and bustle of the Ely Market (well documented online if you want to visit) and scenic walks. A walk through Barway to Soham with the dog is a good one, especially in Summer. Our projects don’t change much whether we are in Cambridge or Ely.

Both areas are relatively similar for roofing. There are certainly more commercial projects in Cambridge as there are a lot more businesses. This means more metal roofing projects. But we take them all as they come. We like domestic roofs and we like working on commercial roofs too. Both are interesting for their own reasons and mixing it up is always good.

Let’s look at some details about Ely you might want to know:

What is there to do in Ely?

Our recommendation would be to check out Ely Cathedral if you are new to the area. The scale of the building will blow you away. The stained-glass windows inside are incredible. There’s a nice walk to be had around the Cathedral and there’s plenty to look at inside. Definitely check it out.

Another thing you can do is check out the high street market. Ely Market is worth looking at. It isn’t vast, but there are plenty of stools selling food, drinks and various other goods.

Then there’s the high street itself. It’s quaint, relaxed and has some good shops. The regulars are there, like Boots and Starbucks, but you’ll also find some cool independent shops like bakeries and such.   

Then Ely opened something called Leisure Village, where they are hosting another Starbucks and of course, a McDonalds. However, you will find the tasty staff-owned Arbuckles restaurant in the Village, too. It’s a great American diner style place. Highly recommended. 

You can also check out the historic Oliver Cromwell museum. Not that you will have a wild, thrilling time, but it’s certainly interesting. 

Which gyms are there?

Atrium Fitness
The Paradise Centre
The Hive Leisure Centre

Which bars are there?

Of course a tradesman is talking about boozing. Well, you have a few drinking options in Ely. For a more rowdy night you should go to:

– The Hereward Ely.
– The Townhouse Pub.

For a more relaxed atmosphere you can go to:

– Draymon’s Son.
– West End House.
– The Fountain. 

There’s more, these are just the ones we have frequented the most. They are all worth a visit depending on what you are trying to do! 


What are the best restaurants?

As mentioned earlier, Arbuckles is our favourite. Drive over to Leisure Village to see what the fuss is about. 

For a little more finesse, more of a fine dining spot, go to the Old Fire Engine House. The food is pricier but it’s worth it. The food is great and everything on the menu will taste great.

If Asian is your thing you can visit the Eat Thai Restaurant which we really like. Great Thai food.

If you like chain restaurants there is Prezzo, McDonalds, Subway, Wildwood, Pizza Express and Burger King.


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Emergency Roof Repairs

We carry out all kinds of roofing services, not just for flat roofs. Get in touch if you have an issue with any part of your roof, we can probably help! 

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