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Your chimney is an essential part of your roof. Let this get into disrepair and you have problems… Call us for help! 

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We also provide chimney repair services as they can be an integral part of your roofing system. A little problem can manifest into a massive problem for your roof and home. Don’t forget about your chimney jut because it is somewhat hidden in the background of your home!

Disrepair is formed through carbon monoxide, soot, creosote and other harmful residue building up. Eventually, all this rubbish is going to cause blockades and a lack of up-draught, which you need.

If you suspect your chimney is in disrepair, you can call us. Sometimes it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. A good chimney service who provide good chimney materials and tools can be hard to find, but that’s us! We have been working with chimneys for ages and are happy to get any problems identified and sorted for you.

Chimney Repair in Cambridge

Suspect you have chimney problems? These are some problems you might have… 

– Full and part blockages.

– A build up or smoke and or soot. 

– Damage and disrepair in and around your chimney, including the caps.

– Disrepair to your liners and pots.

– Air flow problems, also know as up-draught. 

 – Any kind of creosote build-up (Google if unsure of this!).

– Your chimney is leaking. A chimney leak does not generally cost that much to repair, don’t worry. 


Chimney Repairs

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No one knows chimney roof repair costs… So let’s have a look! 
How much does it cost to repair a chimney?
As ever it depends. But we will always offer you the most cost-effective route to getting your chimney fixed and your problems dispelled. Here is a very rough guide on chimney repair:

– Repointing a ridge of the chimney will cost between £250 – £500 depending on scaffolding, additional labour, materials and more.

– Repointing eaves on the lower level will cost roughly £600 dependent on scaffolding, additional, labour, materials and more.

– Creating a new chimney will cost between £1,300 and £1,500. The former for an eaves and the latter for a ridge chimney. 


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